Puppy Training 3-12 months

Puppy Training

Jessica Angel

Jessica lives in Edmonds, Washington with her husband, John Harrison. Jessica, not only has Finn, a young handsome Stabyhoun, but other furry, feathery and scaley pets. Finn is Jessica and John’s first Stabyhoun. Jessica combines her love of animals with her career. She works as a Veterinary Assistant. Her daily work is a constant routine of helping to solve problems – both owner and pet problem solving. Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity and experience to the American Stabyhoun Association. Jessica’s Training Philosophy includes confident leadership combined with positive reinforcement. She will promote and help our puppy owners work on early and appropriate socialization – tailored to our Stabyhouns, help our puppy owners learn desensitization techniques along with age appropriate activities. Jessica does a lot of activities with Finn: Parkhour, nose work, Positive Gun Dog Training, dock diving – to name only a few of their activities together.

With Jessica we have initiated some changes to the Puppy Training and we invite our breeders and new puppy owners to become a part of our new effort. We want to focus on proactive and supportive efforts for our new puppy owners as early as possible – even before Puppy arrives. Key is getting to know the new puppy owners and teaming and working with them as their Stabyhouns grow to adult dogs. We want to work closely with our breeders to help, where needed, with new puppy owners. Particularly, owners new to the Stabyhoun Breed.

Puppy Training Goals

  1. Communication and Sharing of Puppy Development Education

  2. Provide Advice and Assistance on Basic Puppy Rearing, Training, and Behavior

  3. Provide Guidance and Structure to Such Topics as Socialization, Exercise, Behavior Problem Solving, Foundation Training, and Exercises.

Puppy Training Materials and Downloads

Living with Your Staby


Come Noise Desensitizing – Google Docs

Positive Reinforcement

Potty Training