Puppy Training 3-12 months

Puppy Training

Susan Hoyles, Chair

Susan has lived all of her life in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.  She is a Canadian Border Services Officer and her husband, Paul, is an Air Traffic Controller.  But, Susan’s real job is taking care of 2 Stabyhouns, Wilhelmina (Willie) and Goose.  We have been Staby “obsessed” after our dear, Maxi, our black lab crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2016.  Susan and Paul’s dogs are part of their life and they go everywhere that Susan goes!  Swimming, Paddleboarding, hiking, etc.  Susan follows the Karen Pryor positive reinforcement methods.  Her dogs have been raised using both of these methods. Using these methods from pre-puppy school right on up through manners levels, she has pursued both Rally Obedience and Agility.  Dog training is a passion and having raised and still raising Staby puppies in the last 3 years has put me to the test.  Susan is putting her passion and her puppy knowledge to use as the Training Chair for the ASA Puppy Training Team.


Puppy Training Goals

  1. Communication and Sharing of Puppy Development Education
  2. Provide Advice and Assistance on Basic Puppy Rearing, Training, and Behavior
  3. Provide Guidance and Structure to Such Topics as Socialization, Exercise, Behavior Problem Solving, Foundation Training, and Exercises.

Puppy Training Materials and Downloads

Living with Your Staby


Come Noise Desensitizing – Google Docs

Positive Reinforcement

Potty Training