Mickey William, called "Storm"

Storm lives in Fort Gratiot, MI
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Our dogs bio:

Storm is family. He’s a good listener, walking companion and traveling mate and a great snuggler. He reads moods well and is always close by to offer and receive hugs.

He loves being outside when it’s not too hot, running in the rain and playing with his younger brother, Bear. He will stop and watch the deer, rabbits and other wildlife in and around the property but as soon as they start to move away, his excitement can’t be contained and the chase is on. The yard was fenced the summer after we brought him home for that reason.

Storm’s cautious in new situations and when first meeting new people but warms up quickly. Food is his major motivator and he will do just about anything you ask for a treat.

Storm’s had basic, intermediate and advanced obedience, a bit of Rally and a little Agility and he’s performed admirably. He’s sweet and loving and an absolutely wonderful example of a steadfast companion and a stand-by-me Staby.