Activity Descriptions for Specialty

Description of Dog Activities




Rally is about teamwork. Dog and handler navigate a course (on lead for novice handlers) through 10-20 different signs with the dog at the handler’s left side. It is not a timed event so it’s more about teamwork than beating the clock.



Agility is a pre-set obstacle course which consists of jumps, seesaws, pause tables, tunnels and weave poles. This training will be tailored for introducing dogs to the obstacles. No experience needed . . . have fun and learn something new!



This course will be tailored for dogs with agility experience. For reasons of safety . . . no beginner dogs will be allowed.





Dogs perform a series of 12 exercises that are found in a farm setting. The goal is to assess the dog’s ability as a working farm dog by exhibiting self-control, confidence and trust with the handler.







This test consists of 10 exercises to assess your dog’s good manners in the community and at home. Owners can praise and encourage their dogs throughout the test but cannot use food or toys while testing. This test is non-competitive . . . dogs will either “pass” or might need additional work on certain test items.

If your dog is registered with AKC and passes the test, they can receive a certificate from AKC.





This event is based on Nose Work and Barn Hunt to help develop your dog’s sense of smell. You can choose the scent . . . hotdogs, anise oil or live rat . . . all safely contained in either tubes or boxes. The dog must find the target scent within a limited time.


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