Litters 2021

Watch here for more litters as breeders confirm pregnancies!

Confirmed Pregnancies:

Puppies Born:

        Breeze:                                                     Tally:

Date Bred:   January 20, 2021

Sire:    Wade   (Breeze)

Dam:   Tuula Sinne  (Tally)

Breeder:   Wiebe and Amy Dragstra

Location:    North Carolina

Date Born:     March  ???, 2021

Sex and Quantity:

Sire:   Wade  (Breeze)

Dam:   Tuula Sinne (Tally)



                                                One Sweet Girl!!!! -- Echo

Date Bred:    11/19/2020

Sire:        Mountain View's Kaiser (Skylar)

Dam:       Doris Fan It Bûnte Lok  (Dori)

Breeder:    Kathy Banks

Location:   Arizona

Date Born:    January 19, 2021

Sex and Quantity:   1 Female

Sire:    Mountain View's Kaiser (Skylar)

Dam:    Doris Fan It Bûnte Lok  (Dori)

Kennel:   Desert Shadow

Availability:   This little girl was fought over!

Paxon and Opal 2020


Date Bred:   Sept. 27-28, 2020

Sire:   Hexcel of Magic Rock Farm Stabyhouns

Dam:  Navesink Opal

Breeder:  Laura Nolan

Opal's 2020 litter

Date Born:   November 24, 2020

Sex and Quantity: 2 Males, 3 Females

Sire:  Hexcel of Magic Rock Farm Stabyhouns  (Paxon)

Dam:  Navesink Opal

Kennel:  Highland

Location:  New Jersey

Availability:   Sorry, all the pups are placed!