Eelco Dobbe fen’e Griene Bergen, called “Hunter”

Hunter lives in Needham. MA

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Our dogs bio:

Hunter is a joy—always ready for fun and gentle as can be. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, or walking in the front door, Hunter gives you a greeting like you are the most fabulous person on the planet. He knows and remembers all of our extended family and friends and gives them lots of love, too. The only one not impressed with Hunter is our cat, but Hunter loves him anyway.

Hunter is happiest with the whole family out together on a trail or at the beach. One of his favorite things to do is find a ridiculously large stick to carry in his mouth that draws lots of laughs and attention and forces people to get out of his way. He enjoys other dogs and social gathering with people of all ages.


Hunter has his quiet moments, too. At home, he will sit on a wall in our backyard and gaze out over the neighborhood for long periods of time, except when a squirrel or rabbit stirs. Inside, he is usually at our feet unless he hears anything near the door. We could not imagine a better dog for us.