Gathering planned in Harvard, Massachusetts for September 23, 2017

NE gathering 2017

UPDATE!! We did top last year with 30 Stabys attending our gathering in Harvard, MA. Absolutely amazing! One is missing from the photo, but was there late in the day. Lee did four evaluations and five CD tests and took lots of inventories. Guests brought delicious pot luck food and a great time was had by all. Great to see all our dogs running off leash and completely at ease with each other. We had six puppies there too, including the newest, a Wetterhoun female named Stockli. They were quite adventurous and it was a good socializing time for all.

Save the date!   We had 23 Stabys last year . . . let’s see if we can top that TY!  If you need your Staby evaluated, there will be an opportunity for that also.

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