Finnley Kisses Félix Arthur, called “Félix”

Félix lives in Marietta. GA

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Our dogs bio:

Félix is a loving, loyal, alert, attentive and obedient family pet, excellent travel companion and a smart, fast, focused and intuitive performance dog, excelling in training and trials. 

He joyfully  trains and competes in Agility, Scentwork and Obedience, consistently placing “in the ribbons”.   In 2022 Félix received 2 Excellent ratings and became Winners Dog at the ASA Specialty as well as father of 6 healthy puppies. One of his greatest strengths as a working dog is his ability to focus and perform under pressure, as well as being super responsive to his handler. 

Félix lives every day to the fullest as a true stand-by-me dog, happy and loving, giving us more hugs, kisses and joy then we ever could have imagined!