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Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Rina Litter

It's Time to Get a Stabyhoun Puppy!

Lots and lots of pups will be on their way in the coming year.  Have you put in your application?   We are always searching for just the right homes for our pups.

  • Do you like outdoor exercise and doing things as a team with your dog?

  • Do you enjoy curling up with your best friend when indoors?

  • Are you a good communicator?  We always need feedback on our breed!

  • Do you have someone who can be at home with your Staby or can you take them to work?  Stabys like company!



Therapy Dog Extraordinaire!

Chance and Chris
Chance and Chris

Chance is a therapy dog at the Nobleboro Central School and goes to work one day a week.  He has four students read to him once a week (with a couple of alternates) from September through June.  He loves his job - and when that red scarf gets put around his neck - he knows he's at work - no playing.  These are children that are not chosen because they need help reading - they are chosen because they are in need of a little care because of their lives.  The dramatic difference in these children from September to June is incredible.  The best job I (and Chance) have ever had.


Pippa is coming to Colorado!


Hurray!   This little brown and white female is excited about joining the family of Phil and Nancy Mitchell in Colorado.   They have been waiting quite a while for a lovely Brown Staby!

Pippa comes to the USA courtesy of Adrienne Pinter in the Netherlands!


Another import from Denmark!

Shelley & Brynja

Happiness abounds with the addition of this special pup that has long been awaited.

Welcome, Brynja! Your big brother, Ekko, can't wait to share his toys with you.  Congratulations to Shelley, Maiya, and Anders!  This adds a new line to our mix of Stabys in North America.


Little Boy Blue!

A star is born!

Ciska and Provo announce the birth of a precious and only little boy on Oct. 17 at almost midnight!   Mother and son are doing well in GA, and Daddy Provo in Texas is passing out cigars (or were those bones?) to all his friends.


Washington State gathering – October 1

Pim,Tango, Flash, Holly,Anja

More fun on the West Coast!

On October 1, the Wissinks hosted a Staby gathering at their home in Mercer Island, Washington.  Pim,Tango, Flash, Holly, and Anja (L-R) were all there to play while their owners chatted about the breed and living with these funny quirky personalities!



Gathering planned in Harvard, Massachusetts for September 23, 2017

NE gathering 2017

UPDATE!! We did top last year with 30 Stabys attending our gathering in Harvard, MA. Absolutely amazing! One is missing from the photo, but was there late in the day. Lee did four evaluations and five CD tests and took lots of inventories. Guests brought delicious pot luck food and a great time was had by all. Great to see all our dogs running off leash and completely at ease with each other. We had six puppies there too, including the newest, a Wetterhoun female named Stockli. They were quite adventurous and it was a good socializing time for all.

Save the date!   We had 23 Stabys last year . . . let’s see if we can top that TY!  If you need your Staby evaluated, there will be an opportunity for that also.