Mountain View's Twix , call name "Beckett"

Beckett lives in Glen Ellyn, IL.

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Our dogs bio:

Beckett has great focus and athleticism.

Ball drive - He loves to run and will go into a long sprint and jump in the air to catch a ball.

Hide and Seek - He knows us by name and will run to search and find the other when asked to “Go find…” when playing hide and seek in parks and hikes.

Walks, Chipmunks, and scent tracking – He has come to associate the sound of the garage door opening to the release of scampering chipmunks, and now barks at the door to have us open it; then waits for the chipmunks to scamper out and gives chase though the backyard. On walks through local forest preserves, he enjoys scent tracking but he also has very good off-lease discipline. He checks in with us often, keeps us in sight, returns to the trail frequently and comes when called. He enjoys his leash walks, rambling evening scent walks, around the neighborhood in the evening.

Running - He is an excellent pacing partner and will run alongside me at even moderate stride for 3-6 mile runs without effort.

Swimming – He loves to swim, and will retrieve a ball or swim after ducks in a lake, making a long, slow turnaround when called.

Camping - He excels at camping in both wilderness and high activity campgrounds; he is not bothered by rain, damp and cramped conditions, or sleeping on the ground. He loves being with us outdoors, hiking long trail hikes, swimming, meeting other canines and campers, and patiently sleeping and navigating on the longest car rides.

Beckett excels in new environments and meeting new dogs and people. He was socialized early on to loud noises - train locomotives, lawnmowers, chainsaws, marching bands, dense loud crowds, motorcycles and a gun range – and so he does not freak out when he does encounter new or loud noises. That being said, if we bring in something new or move an object in our home to a place that it was not before, it will sometimes startle him, and he will bark at it to alert us. His first Christmas with us, when he was just under 11 weeks old, he planted himself on the living room floor one morning, and barked excitedly at the door 15 or so feet away. We followed his gaze to the Christmas wreath we had placed on the door the night before. We had no choice but to remove the wreath so life could go on. When he was a puppy we thought that maybe he was eating his food too fast, so we bought him an interactive food bowl. The first time he saw it after we poured his kibble in it, he stared at it; then he barked at it; then growled; then gave the bowl several spirited shoves across the floor, then finally tossed the bowl upside down, sending kibble flying across the floor; which he then ate. Pretty interactive.

We live three houses down from a Dairy Queen ice cream store and he delights in and is absolutely patient and happy with small children petting him, hugging him, excitedly shrieking, or dropping random ice cream cones at his paws, (although, he doesn’t like ice cream - he would prefer if they dropped sticks of butter!) He takes in stride puppies and smaller dogs jumping on him and loves to play with other dogs, and is not at all aggressive. He is friendly to the neighborhood dogs on his route, stopping to say hello with a wagging tail on the street or at their fenced yard, and whimpering in disappointment if they are not around. He has several best dog friends.

He was discouraged from digging holes as a young puppy by positive distraction – a ball! – so our lawn is burrow and hole free. He does not hunt, but he does like to give chase. He is a great at-home companion to John, who works from home. As long as he has gets to play in the backyard, gets out and about with John during the day and is given a couple high energy ball play exercise sessions throughout the day, he is calm indoors. He has a routine in the evening with me; he barks once to be let outdoors after feeding time when it is his time for a walk, then waits patiently while I get into gear. If I don’t get to him within a minute or two, he lets me know with a single bark again that he is still waiting.

He is very well-behaved and affectionate and gives frequent “hello” hugs throughout the day and is a cuddler in the evening. He is always willing to take part in whatever we have going on, and is in all, just a beautiful dog with a very loving and kind nature.