Night Sky's Indigo Bunting, called "Basil"

Basil lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Our dogs bio:

Basil is a sociable boy and really loves to be around people. He is a relatively quiet dog but will alert us to people approaching the house. He is not startled by loud noises. He loves the outdoors as expected. He will go in the water but it takes some coaxing. Snow is what he really loves. He is great with other dogs. In fact, we were once told by someone at the dog park that Basil is the only dog that they have ever seen their dog play with. He is also good with other pets as long as it’s not a rabbit. He is a very skilled rabbit hunter. He loves car travel so much it can be a problem to get him out of the car. He is very good off leash. A little stubborn at times but generally very responsive to commands. Basil-snow