Scout Rein, called "Barkley"

Barkley lives in Suwanee, Georgia.

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Our dogs bio:

Barkley stole our hearts two years ago. He is a faithful companion, never far from your side and excited to greet every family member when they return home. New visitors get a few barks and sniffs as they arrive before they are then joyfully welcomed with a wagging tail. He loves his morning walks and is quick to retrieve a ball.

He will perform for a treat, but is otherwise not very motivated by food and eats only when he is hungry. He loves his dog door that allows him to quickly protect our wooded backyard from squirrels and rabbits. Barkley is very strong and a trim 60 pounds. He has a good retriever instinct and loves to gently bring us any socks he finds laying around the house. He has a very soft mouth and despite a few early exceptions, only destroys tennis balls, which he can do in about 30 seconds. He is very loving and has fit right in to make us a family of seven.