Navesink Jasper, called "Baci"

Baci lives in Walnut Creek, CA

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Our dogs bio:

Baci was born on October 22, 2014 in Fair Haven, New Jersey. He lives with us and our 16 year old grand daughter in Walnut Creek, California. He was very active puppy and only cat napped during the day. He has grown into a settled dog who is a great companion and good traveler.

His best friends are our greyhound -- to play with-- and our long haired Chihuahua --to watch over as if she were his puppy. When the dogs are romping in the backyard and the Chihuahua silently comes to the closed screen door, Baci will  alert us to open the door. He will then return to playing knowing he did his job well. When his ceramic water bowl is empty, he alerts us by moving the bowl around the floor. That is his way of asking for more water please.

Baci can be cautious to new sights and sounds but typically he overcomes the issues when we let him know "it's a friend".  At times Baci can be a little stubborn, but with positive encouragement he always gives in and goes with the flow. Baci is a sweet and affectionate dog. He loves children and loves to play with them. Baci settles in right at our side for pats and hugs and when he is ready to go to bed will politely stand at the doorway letting us know he wants to go to his crate. As a puppy, socialization was very important and he attended puppy classes and puppy agility. In June 2015, Baci earned the International AII·Breed Canine Association's National and International Titles in the Junior Puppy Class 6 -  9 months. In January 2016 in lASCA'S Open class, he went on to win Reserve Best in Show Rare Breed Adult, being the first Stabyhoun to earn these titles in the United States. At the age of one year, he earned the AKC Canine Good Citizen Title. In 2016 he earned AKC's Beginner Novice Obedience Title. Baci got one first and two 2 second placements in the 3 trials. He is currently training for AKC Novice and AKC Rally Novice. In July, 2016 Baci was rated Excellent and Very Good by a Dutch Judge and an American Judge at the ASA Mini Specialty in Southern California.

He loves to help around the house. For example, my husband collects plastic bottles for charity.  Baci will help him sort them (in no particular order of course). When cleaning the pool filter he needs to have his head adjacent to my husband’s to see what is in that hole and how he can get to it. He likes to be involved in our daily routine and offers himself gladly.   We love the Stabyhoun breed and hope to add another in the future.