Our Various Committees

We currently have four Standing Committees. If you are interested in learning more about the governance of our Club and getting your views heard, please let us know!

Breeders Advisory Committee

To contact the Breeders Advisory Committee (BAC), please click here.

Chairwoman, Dr. Megan Hilf

Committee members

Cindy Pfister, Susie Nies, Lee Brewer, Theresa Einboden, Lori Raymond
and Ruth Georgia.

The ASA takes breeding seriously as the choices made in
breeding inherently effect the health and welfare of the
breed's success as a whole. Genetic diversity is essential
and our team of Breed Advisors is well equipped to give
our breeders the best advice possible in choosing a mate.

Megan Hilf is a licensed veterinarians. She brings not
only her own experience through her practices, but years
of ongoing training and education. With her input, the
committee can carefully control and assess any potential
health risks within the breeding matches. She maintains a
database of the health on all North American Stabys.

Cindy Pfister, is a dog trainer and behavior expert. Her
knowledge into the "inner thoughts" and workings of the
Staby make her an ideal candidate for evaluating
temperament. Owning a stable and mentally balanced Staby
is a high priority for our members and we stress this
aspect in shaping the pairings and in working with our
breeders during the first eight weeks of a puppy's life.

Susie Nies has a femal Staby and a NSDT. She has bred
two litters and is interested in helping others get
started. Susie is a dynamo at organizing information and
has been helping the BAC to be ready for the future!

Lee Brewer has been breeding dogs since 1989, including
her experience with Flat-Coated Retrievers and Stabyhouns.
With a solid knowledge of canine genetics, whelping,
socialization and rearing, Lee is the ultimate "mid-woof".
Breeders can always count on her breeding advice, as she
is willing to spend hours with pedigrees, studying
inbreeding coefficients, genetic disease carriers, and
conformation details to suggest the best possible matches.
Lee also travels at least annually to The Netherlands to
meet with the Dutch breeding committee, the NVSW Board,
other foreign Stabyhoun clubs, and Dutch breeders to
exchange information about the breed. She attends the
major shows and evaluations of the litters in Holland, and
personally looks at the current studs and overall

Theresa Einboden . . .

Lori Raymond . . .

Ruth Georgia has volunteered to help with the
communication between the breeders and the new prospective
owners. We get so many emails and questions from
interested parties about our breed and Ruth is a wizard at
keeping this important area fulfilled.

Finally, our Breeders Advisors are always in close
contact with the Dutch advisors to stay on top of all new
developments in the Stabyhoun worldwide. Since 2006, our
association has been recognized by the Dutch Assocaition
for the Stabij- and Wetterhoun, the NVSW, for our careful
efforts to promote and protect this beautiful breed in all
of North America.


To contact the Communications Committee (PR), please click here.

Chairwoman, Lee Brewer

Committee members

Beth Parker (calendar, communication, newsletter) and Lee
Brewer and Sarah Freiler (website)

Communication is a multi-layered process. The ASA needs
to keep our membership informed about the club activities,
new developments in the breed itself, and to also alert
the general public about the Stabyhoun. For our members,
the team prepares an annual calendar full of fun pictures
of our Stabys and three printed newsletters which keep
them entertained and informed. The website and published
articles are for members and dog lovers everywhere.

Beth Parker joined our committee in 2017 with a great new idea for our newsletter layout. She has a handsome male named Eddie, who is ready for a girlfriend!  Ladies line up!

Sarah Freiler . . .

Lee Brewer oversees the committee.


Education and Training

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Chairwoman, Kathy Banks

Committee Groups:

  • Ain't Misbehavin' - Cindy Pfister, Chair; Dr. Megan Hilf, Consultant; Kathy Banks
  • Puppy Development, Ages 3-12 Months, - Susan Hoyles, Chair
  • Sports and Performance Activities, - Kathy Banks, Chair + 8 ASA Expert Coaches

Please refer to the Training Webpage and the Training Group Tabs:  Behavior, Puppy, Sports.

The education and training of our Stabys is a key element in the mental stimulation and health of the breed. This is a sporting breed and as such these dogs will thrive when asked to perform a task, be it basic obedience or a challenging activity such as agility or following a scent wether in competition or the backyard.

Committee Chair and Sports and Performance Group Chair

Kathy joined the ASA in 2014 with her first Stabyhoun, Skylar.  Kathy’s Ph.D. in  education and 30 year business career prepared her well for her retirement hobby: training performance dogs and other trainers.  She and her husband reside in the Phoenix, Arizona Vally with their 14 year old Springer Spaniel, Ruby Ellis, and their 5 and 1 1/2 year old Stabyhouns, Skylar and Dori, respectfully.  She has competed in Agility, Free Style Canine Dance, Nose Work and Tracking.  Skylar, age 5, has participated in Obedience, herding and rally.  He competes in Agility in USDAA, AKC and ASCA.  Both Dori and Skylar are beginning new careers in scentwork.  The Sports and Performance Group is divided into sport and performance groupings: Scentwork, Field, Speed/Accuracy, Precision, Manners, Water, and Herding sports, as well as Canine Mental and Physical Conditioning.  ASA Members volunteering as coaches for each of the sports.

Ain't Misbehavin Committee Chair and Consultant

Cindy Pfister is a dog trainer and a behavior expert.  Her talents as a behaviorist and knowledge of the "inner thoughts" and workings of the stabyhoun make her talents essential in evaluating and helping with Stabyhouns remain stable and mentally healthy canine partners.  Cindy has been able to turn around some fearful or "alpha" Stabys in to the perfect pet for several owners and is happy to contribute her time and resources to those in need.  Cindy also serves as a coach and judge for Canine Good Citizen, Farm Dog and Barn Hunt.

Megan Hilf is a licensed veterinarian.  She serves as a consultant on an "as needed" basis for the other members of the behavior committee when they determine that more than basic behavioral modification is needed.  She brings not only her own experience through her practice but years of on going training and education.  With her input to the Behavior Committee she can offer critical - as needed - advice with difficult behavioral issues.

Puppy Development Committee Chair

Susan Hoyles owns two Stabyhouns, Wilhelmina (Willie) - a 3 year old female, and Goose, a 9 month old male.  Susan has worked and trained under the Karen Pryor Certified Training Academy and follows Karen Pryors Positive Reinforcement Model.  She has used these models from pre-puppy to all of the manners level of puppy development to Rally Obedience and Agility.  She and her husband love the outdoors and they take Willy and Goose on family hikes and both dogs are often seen on their paddleboards!


To contact the Membership Committee, please click here.

Chairwoman, Page van Amson

Committee members

Lee Brewer, Shelley Cameron, Darlene Zelazo, and Janet Hall.

The membership committee maintains a database of the
entire Stabyhoun population in North America, both members
and non-members. This data is also regularly sent to the
Netherlands Stabyhoun association to update the records
kept on the total population. Whether or not someone
wishes to join and contribute to our club, our membership
committee is there with open arms. No request for help is
turned down. They even work to rehome those "look-alike"
mixed breed rescues that resemble our pedigreed Stabys and
welcome these people to be contributing members. They
respect all dogs, pedigreed or not, and want to make sure
that we contribute money and our time towards those in

Page Van Amson has selflessly devoted her time to promote
regional gatherings of our Stabys, again members and
non-members, and to keep a current online directory for
our members who wish to reach out to each other. She
maintains our excel database for all known North American

Shelley, Darlene, and Janet are assisting with
the multiple tasks of bringing members together with new puppies, welcome letters, opportunities to be ambassadors for the breed, and more.
We are grateful to have so many people helping Page to keep our members in touch with each other.