Oyster River's Hendrick vit Holland, called "Rypke"

Rypke lives in Boxford, MA

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Rypke is a compassionate, warm, kind and intelligent family dog.

Rypke loves to greet his family at the door with warm hugs when they come home. These hugs are usually associated with happy howling sounds, which is his way of trying to say hello. As much as he loves to play ball outside and help with yard work, he also loves to snuggle on the couch. He can be both energetic and calm. His favorite game is playing ball outside, he is very quick and very good about returning the ball. He lives with his family of 5 along with his Staby sister Essa and cat Gus. Rypke is a great walking and running buddy. He loves making new friends with people and other dogs. His striking appearance, friendly demeanor, gentle approach, warm eyes and smile stand out when you meet him, usually getting people to stop so he can say hello.

Rypke is intelligent, aware and perceptive of his surroundings. At home he is calm and quiet, always prefers to near people and other pets. He is first to notice when someone enters the year but is friendly with visitors when they come to the door. Rypke’ s family loves his family and has a quality of knowing when people are angry or sad. His eyes seem to signal what he is thinking. His coloring and build meet breed standards. Rypke has good dietary habits and does not crave or beg for human food. He is accustomed to receiving treats when he comes inside for the night, a household ritual that did not take him long to learn.

Having been around dogs my entire life, the thing that is most amazing about Rypke is his vibe. As a 3 year old intact male this guy is so on point and well behaved. He exemplifies the bread in so many ways and would carry forward the bread standard with his off-spring.