Finnley Kisses Miles, call name “Henry”

Henry lives in Telluride, CO.

Click on photo below to see pedigree, hip and elbow results for Henry.

Our dogs bio:

Everyday, no exceptions, he waves his glorious flag of a tail on high. And why not? In the kingdom of Prince Henry Robert Viebrock all is sunshine and lollipops. (Ok, not lollipops, treats from Side by Side Pet Nutrition. Even better if you are a Staby.)

Henry’s days begin as they end: he jumps in bed with me, rolls onto his back and allows his obedient servant to rub his belly and stroke his head.


In the morning, we both sleep in. Henry rarely sees the light of day before 8 or 8:30 am, sometime later. Then it is down to breakfast. His highness needs nourishment for his first hike of the day of at least 2 miles, though much longer when we hit mountain trails where he gets to run free. (No worries. Henry wears a GPS and responds instantly to a whistle.) Sometimes, in season we hunt mushrooms; other times he frollicks with a friend or two. In either case when we return we – that is the royal “we”- require liquid refreshment, the first treat of the day, and a little R & R – which generally means crawling under my desk to make sure I am meeting my deadlines. (I am a publisher and writer.)Henry has the personality every pet parent dreams of: he loves the world, including other dogs (cats too). He is generally calm, cool and collected – though very protective of his mom/servant. So he barks when any one gets too close to our castle. (But while barking, he tail is always wagging. Go figure.)

Henry is also very intuitive, very strong and athletic – and goofy. Loves playing keep-away and fetching sticks. Once on a hike with friends their four kiddos threw sticks into a local pond and somehow Henry figured out how to carry all four back so as not to disappoint his new buddies. All of our friends adore Henry, so he is a regular at dinner parties around town.

When Henry was two, the Dutch and American judges awarded him Best Male – I think that was the honor – at an ASA specialty show. But in our world, he garners accolades every single day. When I am down, Henry lifts me up. When I am up, he takes me higher.


Our hope is that Henry’s great looks, powerful, loving temperament, big brain and sense of humor wind up enhancing the Staby gene pool.